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Ambulance Response Times in your area



How we did it

Totally sent 14 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to each ambulance trust in the country. The Isle of Wight NHS Trust was the only institution which refused to release the data, which is why there is no information for this area.

The response time of each 999 call since 2011 was requested, including the category of the call and postcode district.

In 2012 the NHS recategorised life-threatening calls in two different types: ‘Red 1’ and ‘Red 2’. There are slight differences in the way these two categories are measured - which means they cannot be added together to obtain a single value to represent life-threatening calls.

Nevertheless, many ambulance trusts provided the data using the old category system - labelling all the life-threatening calls as ‘A’.

In order to compare different postcodes, the most used category in each district was taken to represent the majority of calls which needed to be responded within eight minutes. It is important to note this comparison is not perfect for the aforementioned reasons.

The colour of each polygon is based on the median response time for the financial year 2013-2014 and it only considers those postcode districts where there are more than five calls in the whole period. The percentage of calls responded within eight minutes is also based on the data for this year.